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Co-Searching challenges society to look at job seekers in a positive way. Through peer-to-peer workshops and conversation groups, we empower Belgian and foreign jobseekers in their careers. We ambition to inspire them to seize opportunities based on their own strengths and strengths, and give direction to their professional lives.


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Maybe, Burnout?

Geplaatst op 29/11/2023 door Denisa

A burnout is a heavy experience, and sometimes you don't really know how to put it into words. In her journey to recovery, Denisa found comfort and inspiration writing poetry; today, she shares one of her poems with us.



Building bridges : A roadmap to networking

Geplaatst op 22/11/2023 door Magalie

Do you feel like networking is forced, intimidating, like it's only for extraverts? For some of us, it may feel like a mountain too high to climb on the path to a new career move. In this blogpost, Magalie shows us how to connect in a way that feels authentic and allows us to stay true to ourselves.


Working with or against AI : what's the big deal anyway?

Geplaatst op 02/11/2023

Either a tool to improve our workflow or an opportunity for big companies to make savings on the workforce, it is hard to understand the impact AI will have on our daily life, workplace and opportunities. If you wonder how it could affect you, this article might help you find your stance!



Take the leap: Why I went from studying Economics to Philosophy

Geplaatst op 02/08/2023

You have just finished school and are looking for a pathway to pursue? Despite many passions you cannot decide what you really want to do in your life to feel a sense of fulfilment and joy? Marc, 25, writes about how he identified his core values and overcame some personal challenges.

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