(Re)connect with your talents



(Re)connect with your talents

03/10/2023 van 14h00 tot 16h30

Lekker Gec (Ghent)

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Who are you really when you are allowed to be authentically yourself? In this workshop we have a positive conversation about our talents, who we are and what makes us unique. Sometimes we forget what talents we have or we lose sight of our dreams and desires due to circumstances. In this workshop we individually create a visual image of ourselves that is unique and that we feel good about. In group, we rediscover that we also have much in common with others. In this workshop we give you the opportunity to be authentically yourself and to feel connected with others.

See you soon!

Els, Magalie and Annelies

For who?

Usually Co-Searching organises workshops for jobseekers (working, not working, on sick leave etc...). This workshop is organised during the 10 days of mental welbeing so this workshop is also open for people who are not looking for a job.

This workshop requires enough knowledge of English to be able to participate in a conversation.


If you register for this workshop we expect you to be there. We put in a lot of effort organizing and preparing this workshop.

Every time a participant does not show up we have an empty chair at our table that could have been filled by somebody else who wanted to be there. So don't forget to delete your participation if you can't make it or contact Annelies at annelies@co-searching.be

We only send tips or reports to participants who show up.